Entre-Deux-Monts : three successive families.

The site of Entre-Deux-Monts and its immediate surroundings have been occupied since the earliest times, undoubtedly thanks to the presence and the permanence of its water supply and perhaps thanks to a passage, safer than those in the plains. Objects dating back from the beginning of the Bronze Age has been found (1500 B.C.) and also tumuli have been excavated. More or less significant traces of Roman occupation have regularly been located.

The Duke of BOURGOGNE (from the 11th to the 14th century)

In the 11th century, the duke of BOURGOGNE wanted to blockade the Count of VERGY. With that aim in view, the duke surrounded the castle of Vergy with several little castles of which Entre-Deux-Monts seems to be the last visible construction.  But Entre-Deux-Monts has really been known since the 13th century. It was then a strengthened barn (a farm without external openings), belonging to the dukes of BOURGOGNE and exploited by the monks of the Abbey of Cîteaux.

Pierre d'EPERNAY to Louis de MENESSAIRE (from the 14th to the 16th century)

At the beginning of the 14th century, the duke gave this barn to Pierre d’ÉPERNAY, lord of the small village of the same name in the plain. Among his descendants, we can find the lords of Corboin: Philippe de CHAUMERGY (in 1478), Philibert de VALLEROT (in 1483) and Etienne de MENESSAIRE (Claude de CHAUMERGY’s husband).

The familie : BARBIER d'ENTRE-DEUX-MONTS (from the 16th to the 19th century)

On May 16, 1564, Louis de MENESSAIRE (son of the previously quoted couple) was in a difficult financial position and sold his seigniory and his Entre-Deux-Monts castle to Etienne BARBIER who was in charge of paying off his creditors.  These new lords claimed to be descended from Jean BARBIER. They where raised to peerage by Charles VII in 1430.  Centuries after centuries, the BARBIER family became BARBIER d’ENTRE-DEUX-MONTS, and acquired the seigniories of Concoeur, Corboin and Reulle and finally took the name of BARBIER de REULLE

ROCAUT to POSTANSQUE (from the 19th to the 21st century)

After his family had kept Entre-Deux-Monts for nearly 300 years, Louis Adolphe BARBIER de REULLE sold the castle to Louis ROCAUT on April 04, 1856. It was purchased in 1939 by the POSTANSQUE family (family of the ROCAUT), and still owns it today.